Anywhere But Here

Since we can't go out, here are four playlists that'll take you somewhere else.

60s 70s

My absolute favorite era. Rock n roll that makes you want to get up and jam out. There's nothing that screams "rebellion" and "f*ck society" more than this. These songs are all just full of passion and (sometimes drug-induced) craziness, and I love it. Wishing I could turn back time and make it 1969.

Coming of age

Okay I just had to. These songs are still SO iconic and were pretty much running through my veins in 2014. There are some old and new songs on here, but this just takes me back to being 16 and having that feeling where I wanted to just run away and be wild and crazy but actually was just trapped at home doing homework all the time. So many conflicting feelings. Chasing that Perks-of-Being-a-Wallflower moment of feeling free.


All of these songs are in French and they truly know how to make everything sound beautiful. This is basically France's indie pop scene which is pretty similar to America's. Just dreamy and makes you feel like you're either in a dark club smoking red lipstick-stained cigarettes or drinking espresso on your balcony watching the sun come up. The things I'd do to be able to spend my 20s in Paris. Ugh.

On the beach

That feeling when you get up early to watch the sun come up on the beach? Yeah that's this playlist. These songs just make me feel so carefree and relaxed. Kinda like nothing is that deep and that it's totally cool if I just move to the beach and live out my days trying to actually be happy. Not your typical vacationing playlist — more of a locals-only type of vibe.