April Tarot Card Reading

With the recent pink super moon gracing our skies, it has been seen as a spiritual sign of rebirth and renewal. It reminds us that life is full of ups and downs, dark and light. Natural wonders like these catch our attention and give us an opportunity to recognize and reflect. To look a little deeper into new beginnings and see what else this month holds, I did a tarot card reading for the remainder of April.

Card 1: Current self

The first card I pulled was Three of Pentacles. This card represents teamwork and collaboration, and I feel like this is a very fitting card to represent ourselves. This month we've all been coming together even across the world for a common good, and working together has been essential. Seeing the humanity in strangers and coming together will remain important throughout the month, so see this as a reminder to help someone in need or check up on someone you love.

Card 2: Theme for the month

The King of Pentacles is an intentional leader and represents strategic thought. It also represents self care, hard work paying off and reaching your goals — doesn't get much better than that. Continue working through these tough times and don't let go of what is important. I know I've been feeling slightly unmotivated as the days all seem to blend together, but this reiterates the importance of taking care of ourselves when many of us are down. Keep going and don't lose sight of your goals — it'll all be worth it in the end!

Card 3: What will be accomplished?

Nine of Cups is a really great sign for many of us this month. This card represents your wishes coming true, abundance and good health. This is pretty much all we could ask for right now, so I'm hopeful that this remains true throughout the month!

Card 4: What should be avoided?

This card is all about our relationships, whether that's with our family, friends or a significant other. Ten of Cups signals mending bridges between people you were once close to and being truly content with those surrounding you. Focus on what relationships mean to you and use this week to maybe contact someone you've lost touch with. Some things to avoid? Starting unnecessary fights, ignoring loved ones, toxic people and lacking confidence.

Card 5: What should be embraced?

Seven of Wands represents standing up for what you believe in and protecting your self through tough times. This also means having a strong immune system and good mental health. Despite whatever will be thrown at you this month, this is a sign that you have the strength to overcome it and that you will be okay. Embrace your thoughts and beliefs, and find strength in who you are. Embrace courage, perseverance, coping, and asking for help when you need it.

Card 6: What obstacles will be faced?

This isn't a surprise, but some major obstacles this month surround jobs and money. Ace of Pentacles shows that many of us will be suffering financially this month. This can mean losing a job/internship, or not being able to find one if you're searching. However, like I've said above, keep your head up and don't lose sight of the long-term.

Card 7: Where to find support?

The Hierophant is an interesting card. A hierophant is basically a religious figure, sometimes depicted as a priest or a teacher. Taken literally, a good source of support this month is within your religion, either through prayer or by being in touch with a religious mentor. This could also mean finding support in any kind of general mentor or leader in your life. This could mean asking a professor for help, talking to someone you look up to, or taking some of your Mom's advice for once.

Card 8: What action should be taken this month?

Three of Cups depicts three people in a circle lifting up their cups. If I'm being honest, this says to get on a Zoom call and have a virtual happy hour with your friends. Seriously. This card is all about cherishing your circle of support, friendships and celebration. See the light in this month and find ways to still have fun! Take a second to appreciate your support circle and the people close to you.

Card 9: Advice and encouragement

The Queen of Swords is a self-sufficient person and represents independence, honesty, and clear judgement. This card encourages being content with this new independence and solitude. It warns to not let your emotions distract you or influence you to make any quick decisions that you may regret later. Keep a level head and find balance in your routine this month.

With this being my very first tarot reading on here, I'm so amazed with how it went. If you're familiar with tarot cards, you know that there are some that bring some real bad news. I was so thrilled and honestly moved by how positive this reading was — I feel a new sense of clarity and hope for the remainder of this month, and I hope you do too!