July Tarot Card Reading

We're a liiiittle more than halfway through July already, but I still couldn't go without a reading. Hopefully this shares a little insight into what has happened thus far in July and what is still to come.

Card 1: Current self

The Queen of Pentacles focuses on nurturing others with love and compassion, but when it's reversed like it is here, that energy is channeled towards yourself. What have you done this month to take care of yourself? Is there something more you could be doing? The "nurturing" nature of this card can also be taken literally and focused on what you're eating. If you're not already, take time to consider the food you put in your body and how it makes you feel. This doesn't have to mean starting a diet or anything, this could even mean going a little bit out of your way to maybe make your favorite meal or treat yourself to food that really makes you happy or feel good.

Card 2: Theme for the month

This card represents things finally coming full circle. Did you achieve a goal this month? Maybe you finally finished a project, got that raise you've been asking for, finished a class, got a job or something else you've been putting a lot of energy into has come to fruition. If this is not the case for you, this card is a sign that your goal/goals will be realized soon! I'd say you should expect to accomplish your "thing" by the end of the month, and it's important to take a few seconds to be grateful once it happens. Reflection and gratitude are key to bringing more success into your life.

Card 3: What will be accomplished?

Seven of Swords shows a man sneaking away, stealing a handful of swords. This suggests that you may end up getting away with something you shouldn't this month. This definitely represents sneaky business, so just be on the lookout for opportunities that may tempt you to do something wrong. Maybe you've already gotten away with something like lying to a friend. This is telling you that you should get that off of your chest and come clean, since it likely won't remain a secret forever. If you're reading this and you're like "yeah no way," maybe someone is getting away with doing you dirty. Someone's up to something, just saying!

Card 4: What should be avoided?

Two of Wands shows a man holding a globe, literally holding the world in the palm of his hand. This is a major warning to avoid feeling like you have everything figured out! When thinking of your dreams, aspirations and goals, you'll need to visualize the steps you'll need to take you there. Instead of moving too fast, map out a clear plan to reach your goal. By taking it slow and making smaller goals or checkpoints for yourself, you'll be more likely to achieve what you're going after.

Card 5: What should be embraced?

The Emperor is seen as the "father figure" in the deck. This is going to mean embracing stereotypical "father" attributes, mainly protection, leadership and stability. Look out for your friends and family right now, and make sure they are doing okay. Embrace being a rock for someone, and open yourself up to listen to those who need it. Now is the time to step up.

Card 6: What obstacles will be faced?

This is such an important card, and it's interesting to see it applied here! Basically, the Sun is an incredibly powerful card that signifies overcoming all of your obstacles. So I don't really have any specific obstacles to look out for other than what I've mentioned above, but this is a great sign! This card brings an enormous amount of positive energy, authenticity, confidence and happiness into your life. You'll be tapped into the energy and power inside of you, and that will all shine this month. So I guess what I have to say is that if you do face obstacles, know that you have this energy inside you that will be more than helpful if you recognize it.

Card 7: Where to find support?

In Five of Pentacles you see two run-down people trekking through the harsh winter. If you're struggling with something, this is a sign that you're not alone. In this picture there is a lit-up church behind them, but the people are so concentrated on their struggle that they cannot see that help is so close by. If you need help or support, this shows that it is closer to you than you think. Winter eventually comes to an end — whatever is bothering you is not permanent.

Card 8: What action should be taken this month?

This card represents being stuck in the past and dwelling on some sort of emotional problem. Kind of like what I mentioned above, it'll be important to keep a clear headspace and not cloud the solutions that may be right in front of you. Keep a positive outlook this month since there are beautiful things waiting for you!

Card 9: Advice and encouragement

Reversed Page of Wands embraces starting something new. This could be taking on a new project or expressing your creativity in a new way. Another interesting journey you can take now is a spiritual one! You're encouraged to look inwards and make new self-discoveries. Some good things to practice right now are journaling, meditation, mindfulness, expressing gratitude and yoga! Definitely give one of these a go this month and see how it makes you feel.