June Tarot Card Reading

I have always had a strong sense of intuition, but there was something about today especially that pulled me to doing a tarot card reading for this month. After spending the first half of my day manifesting and predicting one thing after another, I realized how overwhelmed I was with this kind of energy. I knew that this would turn out really well after being so in touch with my intuition, so here is a reading for the month of June that may explain (or predict) a few things.

Card 1: Current self

The King of Cups is pretty much the master of emotion. This card signals to keep a steady grip on yourself and not let your emotions get the best of you. When faced with people that are negative or someone trying to start problems/drama, be the bigger person. Maturity is very important right now.

Card 2: Theme for the month

The six of pentacles shows a wealthy man holding a balanced scale and giving money to beggars. This represents generosity, equality and fairness as general themes for the month. When it comes to generosity, you could be on either side of it (giving or receiving). Think if there is something you can give — this could be donating money/supplies to an organization or even just giving away your time for something important. If you find yourself on the other end of this and receive something special like a gift, make sure you express your gratitude!

Card 3: What will be accomplished?

This card looks so sad, but three of swords reversed is actually a very hopeful sign! This month will help heal things that have been weighing heavy on your heart. This has a lot of significance if you've been through a recent breakup, but it is also important for your relationship with yourself. If you've been feeling like you're not enough or have been hyper-critical of yourself, this month should bring some more confidence and self love into your life. Overall, this month with help accomplish whatever kind of healing you need.

Card 4: What should be avoided?

Three of pentacles shows a young stone mason learning as an apprentice. This shows that it's okay to ask for help this month — do not act or pretend like you know everything. Avoid being closed off from others and open yourself up to collaboration and teamwork. This could also mean that you may face some criticism this month, but take time to genuinely listen to that feedback and avoid getting defensive.

Card 5: What should be embraced?

In Ace of Cups, that is your hand holding your overflowing capabilities for this month. You may also be overflowing with emotions this month, but they will be channeled into your endeavors positively. Embrace this heightened capability — now is the perfect time to start something new or that thing you've been meaning to do. This overflowing is also symbolic of that kind of "natural flow" you get when you have a special connection with someone. This is a little broad, but this can mean the start of a new relationship (friendship or romantic) or even reconnecting with someone you haven't seen in a while. In short, embrace new beginnings and recognize what you're capable of accomplishing.

Card 6: What obstacles will be faced?

The Moon represents illusion and anxiety. Not everything is what it seems, so listening to your intuition will be important this month. You might also feel higher levels of anxiety and fear this month, so pay attention to how you are letting those negative feelings affect you.

Card 7: Where to find support?

Reversed Page of Swords mainly represents holding back the truth or keeping secrets. If you don't feel comfortable right now talking about your struggles openly, try confiding in one person you really trust. Getting things off of your chest that you've been bottling up or keeping from everyone will feel really good. If you're more of a private person, you might find it helpful to journal your thoughts down or even just take time to meditate and listen to yourself.

Card 8: What action should be taken this month?

The main thing King of Swords (reversed) stands for is the strength of "quiet power." Even if you're not the most vocal person when it comes to standing up for what you believe in, know that there is still a lot you can contribute. Don't let others bring you down and continue to stick up for what is right. Know that this card is also a warning that someone this month might try very hard to bring you down or will challenge your beliefs. Continue to stand your ground, and navigate this potential situation carefully because it may have a lasting impact.

Card 9: Advice and encouragement

In five of pentacles you see two run-down people trekking through the harsh winter. If you're struggling with something, this is a sign that you're not alone. In this picture there is a lit-up church behind them, but the people are so concentrated on their struggle that they cannot see that help is so close by. If you need help or support, this shows that it is closer to you than you think. Winter eventually comes to an end — whatever is bothering you is not permanent.