May Tarot Card Reading

In April I did my first tarot card reading on here, and it blew me away. Here's a little mid-May check-in with predictions for what the rest of the month holds.

Card 1: Current self

As soon as I started to dig deeper into Ten of Swords (reversed), everything I was reading about it was about accepting an inevitable change. Clearly we're all being forced to accept a big change in our daily lives right now, and although there is some talk of things slowly opening up, we've all started to accept that this is going to be our reality for a while. While we can't change what is going on right now, this card symbolizes that the challenges we are facing right now aren't meant to destroy us, but instead make us see new ways to hold on to our goals and find motivation.

Card 2: Theme for the month

Six of Wands (reversed) represents redefining what success means. The rest of this month will likely be full of uncertainty and a lack of self-confidence, but this card challenges us to find new ways of being successful. What a successful summer was last year likely will not be the same this year, and it's okay to set new goals and priorities that may be very different than what you anticipated. Instead of being caught up in what we think we know success as, think more of what is important to you right know and what you should be focusing your energy and time into now. Success can come in all kinds of different forms and will be different for everyone, and that is okay.

Card 3: What will be accomplished?

Eight of Cups (reversed) holds a few things that could be accomplished this month. Two of the main things could be fully learning from the past or someone returning home. Oddly specific, but if you've been waiting for someone or if someone has been waiting for you to come home or visit, now could be the time! The general meaning of this card when reversed is that you're currently in a stagnant position, which could lead to reflecting more on your past, realizing that something in your life is unfulfilling or realizing that you're faking happiness. Now is a good time to recognize this stagnation or unhappiness and push yourself to find more fulfillment.

Card 4: What should be avoided?

Perfectionism is a key word for Eight of Pentacles (reversed). Things aren't going to go as planned or be the way you envisioned. Don't beat yourself up over it! Avoid trying to live a perfect life right now in a time when it can't be totally perfect. Avoid rigid rules for yourself and strict discipline right now — it's only going to have a negative impact on your wellbeing.

Card 5: What should be embraced?

With a man juggling two things, Two of Pentacles represents weighing many options, multi-tasking and having two choices to make. Despite this uncertainty, keep your options open and remain flexible. A good thing to embrace right now would be balance. Whether that means finding a good balance in your daily routine, balancing a relationship or budgeting some money right now, embrace getting a better grip on things and finding better control or focus.

Card 6: What obstacles will be faced?

In a very general sense, Two of Wands (reversed) represents plans falling apart, thinking small and travel problems. With this card also comes obsessive planning and overthinking things that you don't have control over — extremely relevant card right now! I know a lot of our plans and hopes for what this summer would be have fallen through, and there is a lot of obsession and talk about what the future will hold. However, now is a good time to stop worrying about a future that isn't even here yet. Maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board and focus more of your energy on what is happening now. This can mean coming to terms with things you can't (but wish you could) control and living in the present moment.

Card 7: Where to find support?

With a man and woman pictured exchanging cups and pledging partnership, Two of Cups definitely suggests that relationships are essential right now! Turning to a significant other will be a great source of support for the rest of this month, as well as any other relationships like close friends or family members.

Card 8: What action should be taken this month?

The High Priestess mainly represents following your intuition. Listen to your gut and follow what it says. Now is a good time to tune in and connect with the knowledge and wisdom inside you. Some ways to help get in touch with your intuition are through yoga, meditation, journaling and manifestation.

Card 9: Advice and encouragement

The Hanged Man (reversed) — spooky! This card isn't as scary as it seems and actually gives some decent encouragement. This is a positive sign that while life has been on pause for quite some time, soon you'll have a new perspective and renewed energy. There are good things ahead, and although you may need to make some sacrifices or changes, everything will soon become clearer. Some final advice is to avoid apathy, being too impulsive, negativity and detachment this month.