My Beauty Oils and How I Use Them

Ever since I first got into skincare and started creating a routine for myself, oils have been an essential part of keeping my skin healthy. However, I was initially very hesitant to start lathering my face in thick oils. As someone who thought they had a very oily skin type, I couldn't image putting even more oil onto my face. What I didn't know was that my oily skin was actually being caused by stripping my skin of its natural oils. Adding oils into my routine actually got rid of my oily skin once I started giving my skin the proper hydration it was begging for. Oils have completely transformed the health of my skin. If you don't have any kind of oil in your routine, I'm here to show you the benefits of all kinds of oils I've tried and what I use them for.

Hemp Seed Oil

This green oil is definitely one of my favorites. If you have oily skin, you're probably going to want to try this one out. Packed with vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin D, this rich oil is key to healthy, glowing skin. Hemp seed oil does not clog pores and contains linoleic acid — a lipid that mimics your skin's natural oils. This means that it can actually make your skin less oily and diminish the appearance of sebum (the oily little "blackheads" often on your nose). This is also a dry oil, meaning your skin will absorb this oil entirely — no greasy film left! That makes this the perfect oil to use during the day or under your makeup. When I use this, I put it on right after washing my face in the morning as a moisturizer.

Evening Primrose Oil

Known for its hormone-balancing abilities due to its high content of healthy fats, evening primrose oil is perfect for anyone that suffers from hormonal acne or problematic skin in general. This oil contains omega-6 fatty acids that are very powerful when it comes to fighting inflammation. Using just a few drops of this oil is all you need for your skin to absorb the benefits. I'd say this is a medium oil in terms of thickness, so I usually apply this at night, kind of like a sleeping mask. When I wake up, my skin is glowing and I always get so many compliments on how healthy my skin looks after I use this. By soothing any redness or acne, I feel like this really evens out my skin and gives my complexion a major boost.

Rosehip Oil

This oil does a great job at repairing post-breakout skin. It contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin C, meaning it promotes skin cell turnover. This will help fight hyperpigmentation, dark spots, acne scars and wrinkles. If you're like me and can't really handle a strong retinoid, this oil is a gentle alternative that won't strip your skin. Rosehip oil is another dry oil, so I'd suggest using this in the morning and at night.

Calendula Oil

With a slight floral scent, this yellow oil comes from marigold flowers and is another one of my favorites. This oil has slight SPF properties (around SPF 15), making this a great oil to add to your morning routine. I've found this oil to be very soothing, and it decreases a lot of inflammation and redness. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties to keep your skin clear of any acne. I apply this first thing in the morning, and my skin absorbs it all pretty quickly. I have found this to be a pretty tricky one to purchase since a lot of the cheap ones on the market are more olive oil than calendula, but the one I have is from Your Skin is 100% pure and organic.

Marula Oil

Marula oil does wonders for dry, dull skin. Packed with tons of fatty acids and antioxidants, this oil helps heal and repair dry, sensitive and sun-damaged skin. This locks in so much moisture in your skin with its vitamin E content, and it makes a great healing moisturizer to use in the evening. One thing I will say about this oil is that you do not have to splurge on this oil. I know Drunk Elephant is known for their $72 marula oil, but The Ordinary makes the exact same one for $9.90.

Argan Oil

This oil is very similar to marula oil in that it contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. I prefer to use marula oil on my face, but I think argan oil is amazing to use on your hair! I have very damaged hair from bleaching, and oils really help make my hair soft, healthy and more manageable. This oil does a great job at detangling, nourishing and smoothing hair, and the vitamin E helps keep hair elastic, decreasing breakage and split ends. I use this after I shower by warming up a few drops in my hands and applying it to damp hair, usually focusing on the ends.

Safflower Oil

This is my favorite oil to use for oil cleansing. Safflower oil melts away makeup, dirt and waxes — even your favorite waterproof mascara. This oil is very gentle and is the perfect way to remove makeup if you have sensitive skin. I use a quarter-sized amount of oil and work it into my skin, rubbing away all the makeup and impurities. I also like to take time to massage my face while doing this and work the oil around in upwards motions on my skin. After a few minutes, I wipe the oil off with a towel or cotton pad. Doing this feels like such a luxurious way of taking your makeup off because your skin is just so soft and hydrated afterwards. If you want, you can wash your face after oil cleansing but this alone usually does a very thorough job without stripping your skin.

Adding even just one of these oils to your routine can make a huge difference in your skin. I've watched these oils transform my own damaged skin, so I really do believe that these are worth trying. Have a different fave oil that didn't make my list? Let me know so I can give it a try!