My Crystal Collection

I love the energy that my crystal collection brings me and truly feel such a connection when I have them around. I’m always on the search for new additions and new ways to incorporate their energy into my life. For now, these are all of the crystals I have and their metaphysical properties.

Rose Quartz

One of the more well-known crystals, rose quartz is mainly known for being linked to love and relationships. Not only does this crystal promote romantic relationships, but it can also enhance healthy friendships and self-love. The energy from this quartz is closely linked to the heart chakra and can be used to bring balance, love, peace and compassion into any kind of relationship.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is one of the most versatile and powerful crystals which makes it a must-have for any collection. It is often called a “master healer” since it is known to be an aid in any and all spiritual needs. Its energy is very strong, and it even enhances the energy of any other crystals near it. Some other qualities include its ability to ward off all negative energy, relieve pain and connect you to your higher self.


This is another important crystal to have due to its immense power and protective properties. It is said to protect you from any kind of harm, both physical and mental. It is known for its soothing properties and can relieve stress, fear, anxiety or any other negativity. This is also a great crystal to keep near your bed since it promotes restful sleep and positive dreams. I personally suffer from sleep paralysis and really bad nightmares, so I always feel noticeably better when I sleep with this near my bed.

Blue Lace Agate

Rather than radiating protective, active energy like some of the others, blue lace agate gives off supportive and encouraging energy. One of the main things this crystal supports is communication. It can aid in helping you be heard or giving you the confidence to say how you truly feel. This is great for anyone that is a writer, teacher, mentor, leader or anything else that requires clear communication in their everyday life.

Blue Goldstone

While this is a manmade crystal, it is still comprised of high-energy elements — quartz and copper. It is a deflector of negative energies, and like clear quartz, it has protective qualities. This crystal is also great for long-distance healing because of its ability to transfer energy.


Adventurine helps reinforce leadership qualities and decisiveness. It can help bring balance and stability back into your life, especially between male-female energy. Empathy is another main quality of this stone as it promotes compassion and can help you see the other side of things.


Like the name insists, this crystal has a similar energy to the ocean and water. It’s soothing, tranquil, cleansing and brings harmony into your life. Because of this peaceful and gentle energy, it is very helpful in healing your emotions.


Citrine is the stone of manifestation and creativity. It attracts all kinds of positivity into your life by helping you realize your dreams, promoting success and attracting wealth. With its yellow hues, it carries the same energy as the sun — bright, uplifting, warm and energizing.


Sulfur crystals can be used to bring optimism and light into your life. Specifically, it can help manage anger, irritation or bitterness. This crystal helps soothe that negativity by absorbing its energy, freeing you to feel more positive.

Red Jasper

This is an extremely protective stone that can help neutralize any kind of unwanted energy. In addition to mental energy, it can neutralize radiation and other forms of environmental pollution. It is also known to be a great “worry stone” that you can use to rub or hold in order to immediately feel calm and relieve anxiety. It has strong grounding properties to help center you when you feel anxious or stressed.

Blue Calcite

Maybe it’s just me, but blue is absolutely the color of calm, and that’s exactly what this crystal is known for. It acts like a sponge to absorb negativity from the area around you and actually converts it to positive energy. This has a very soothing effect on the body and offers mental protection. This has very powerful energy and has even been said to aid in anxiety and depression relief.


Larvikite is a crystal for the mind. It can stimulate visions or psychic abilities, and it allows for enhanced clarity on past situations. It has been known to directly affect the mind and alter the way we process things by opening up new paths for information to travel. This means it can promote creativity, adaptability, intelligence and wisdom.