Quarantine Art (So Far)

Making art is something I've been connected to since I was little. I've always been a creative person, and it has not only been an amazing outlet, but a way to cope. I've found spending a few hours painting (and repainting, and repainting) to be a very helpful way to take care of myself and stay grounded. I can be a little obsessive when it comes to perfecting things, so I have no problem spending my whole day getting the details in a painting just right. That being said, I'm not saying I'm the next Andy Warhol. Having a vision for something and trying to replicate that can be very humbling. For me, I take a lot of pride in how far I've come since the little doodles I still have hung up in my room, and in a year from now I'll probably think the same thing about the art I'm making now. Regardless of the details or skill that goes into a piece, I find so much peace in creating literally anything.

Since being at school, I haven't really had much of a chance to just sit down and work on a drawing or painting. I am constantly working on something and staying busy, and at times I feel like I rarely give myself a break to breathe and do something mindless. This summer has given me the opportunity to reconnect with art, and it came at a time when I really needed it the most. Here's a look at some of the things I've created since being home for the summer, and there will be plenty more to add soon.