Salvaging Over-Bleached Hair

After lightening my hair too many times, I thought my dreams of long hair were over and that I’d be stuck with straw hair forever. Luckily, there are a few tips to bring bleached hair back to life.

Less is More

The less often you can wash your hair the better! It may be tempting to shampoo every day, especially if that’s part of your routine, but it’s better for your ends to just ride it out. Touching up your roots with dry shampoo will help make sure your ends aren’t getting stripped of their natural oils. This will help keep your ends from becoming too brittle and breaking.

Swap Your Shampoo and Conditioner

I was never a big fan of using a fancy kind of shampoo or conditioner — usually just some regular Suave or Pantene was fine with me. But after my bleached hair started getting brittle and dry after every shower, I felt like maybe it was time to pay a bit more attention. Since regular, drugstore shampoos and conditioners are filled with chemicals, I’ve found that using natural products have been a lot more gentle on my damaged hair. My absolute favorite combo is the Live Clean apple cider vinegar detox shampoo and conditioner set. The conditioner is 97% plant and naturally derived and the shampoo is 98%. They smell like a fresh Fuji apple and make my hair feel the softest it has been since I bleached it. Other great natural shampoo and conditioners are the ones from LUSH. I’m currently trying out their cinnamon shampoo bar, and so far it has given me similar results with soft, shiny hair!

Leave-in Magic

Using a leave-in conditioner or regularly using hair masks can help soften up brittle, damaged hair. I notice such a big difference between when I do and don’t use a leave-in product — it just gives my hair that much more shine and softness.

Bye Bye Heat

Since bleached hair is so fragile, using excessive heat can cause even more breakage and damage. Skip the blow dryer and let your hair air-dry. If you need to use heat on your hair, putting it at a low heat (below 360 degrees) and using a heat protectant on your hair can help prevent damage.

Keep it Simple

Styling your hair in tight buns, braids and other updos can cause excessive strain on your hair. To ensure that your hair won’t be prone to extra breakage, keep the hair styles more simple relaxed.

Of course some regular trims are good to keep any head of hair healthy, but no need to chop off inches and inches after over-bleaching your hair. Of course it’ll never quite be the same, but with time, the damaged parts will phase its way out. For now, these tips will make you forget about the damage and let you rock blonde hair in peace.