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Walking into Ulta and looking at all of the skincare products makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop. Even though I have tried tons of different masks and products, I still love searching for my next skincare obsession. In an effort to enjoy skincare in a more eco-friendly way, here is a list of some notable (and highly underrated) sustainable brands to check out!

Good Molecules

After lots of digging, Good Molecules declared in early September to begin phasing out their use of plastic. The majority of their containers are glass already, but it’s nice to know that they’ll soon be 100% plastic-free. If you like The Ordinary, you’ll love Good Molecules — these products are a favorite for many skincare junkies. They are super affordable too. I think the most expensive item I saw on their website was $18, and most of their serums are only $6-8!


Biossance is a vegan skincare brand that has the ingredient squalane as the star in each of their products, and it’s pretty cool why. Squalene is an oil made by sharks that is used in some moisturizers. Biossance scientists actually created a renewable, vegan, plant-based version (squalane) that saves over two million sharks per year. In addition to saving the sharks and engineering their own key ingredient, they are committed to becoming zero-waste within the next few years. Their packaging is glass which is easy to reuse or recycle, and every order from them is shipped carbon-neutral.

Kindred Black

My jaw completely dropped when I first saw these products. I mean… Are you kidding me? This brand is the most beautiful combination of art and skincare. These products come in hand-blown bottles made from recycled glass. They’re sealed with biodegradable corks, and all of the packaging is recycled and biodegradable. These products would look amazing displayed anywhere, although people are probably going to think you’re a witch that uses these potions to stay youthful. Not necessarily a bad thing!

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Youth to the People

YTTP carries some skincare cult-favorites like their Superfood Cleanser and their award-winning Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask. They use glass bottles and jars, and their packages are made out of ethically-sourced and recyclable paper. Their formulas are vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable, so what’s not to love?

Bathing Culture

Again, stunning glass packaging right here. These rainbow bottles just give off good vibes and feel like something right out of the 70s. These products are refillable at any of their retail partner locations, or you can purchase bulk refills for your bottles online. They use 100% recycled glass from California bottles, are carbon neutral and their soap is biodegradable, making this a groovy addition to any shower. I may or may not have all of their products in my shopping cart.

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Urban Oreganics

This brand is based in Portland, Oregon (Oregon + organic = Oreganics), and operates in handmade small batches. They use recyclable packaging (that looks very chic and trendy) and every product is 100% vegan. They offer a bunch of cool items like makeup remover, cleansing grains, makeup brush cleaner, linen spray and more!


These products are handmade, vegan, 100% recyclable and have 99% plastic-free packaging. Their website offers a section that goes through each of their products and how to properly recycle them when you’re done, which is super helpful. They also partner with TerraCycle which makes recycling these products easy! As for the products themselves, they have over 6,000 five-star reviews and offer an extensive range of cleansers and treatments.

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This brand is committed to sustainability, and they offer guides on how to recycle each of their products. This brand is affordable and a rising star in sustainable beauty. They have a ton of products to choose from, and you can even shop by skin type/concern.