Things I Thrifted For My Apartment

Somehow I've entered the interior design side of TikTok (not mad!) and my FYP has been filled with beautiful NYC studios. I'd like to pretend that my State College studio is pretty much the same thing and that I can still somehow make my tiny apartment look just as cute. After deciding on a vintage-y theme for the studio, what better place to look for decor than thrift stores?

The first thing I got were these two racks, and my dad literally scoffed at them because his office threw out tons of them after moving all of their files online. Definitely not using these for files and paperwork! I'm planning on using one to display all of my magazines and the other to hold some of my records.

After going to four different thrift stores, I still couldn't find a watering can. I ended up getting this pitcher instead and I honestly like it a lot more than any watering can anyways so I'm really happy! I think this will look so cute next to all of my plants and hopefully it'll motivate me to water my plants more often.

I found a bunch of cute glass jars and containers at pretty much every thrift store I went to. For the bigger ones I'm hoping to keep things like flour, sugar and pasta in them and buy these cute labels from Etsy to stick on them for my kitchen. For the one bottle with the cap I might give it a good wash and keep my olive oil in it, but I'm still thinking of what I'll do with the others. Still looking for some affordable spice jars, so if anyone has any ideas please drop me the link!

Could not pass up these wooden bowls. I think they're so cute, and they kind of remind me of something Kenzie Burke would have in her kitchen. Currently visualizing a giant, vegan kale caesar salad in the big serving bowl. Beautiful.

Didn't expect this, but I managed to find a brand new package of beeswax food wraps. This was actually on my grocery list to buy for about $7 each or $15 for a pack of three. This came with three wraps for just $3! I am so excited to use this and cut plastic wrap out of my life, and I'm even happier that I was able to thrift it instead of buying online!

I also needed a paper towel holder for my kitchen, and I thrifted this one for a dollar! It's pretty much the same as the one in my Ikea shopping cart, and it's in almost new condition. I also got two matching mugs for Alex and I for a dollar. I love how big they are and how they have such a nice, simple, neutral look to them.

I found this marble trivet for $2 compared to a very similar one on Crate and Barrel that goes for $20. I think I'm just going to use this to display some of my things like skincare, perfume or jewelry!

I am obsessed with all of the things I was able to thrift for my apartment! I would've spent way too much money if I purchased all new items, so I'm glad I was able to save some money but still get cute, unique pieces. It also just feels so good to buy things secondhand and reuse items that are already out in the world to help cut down my consumer waste. I really recommend taking a stop to a few thrift stores to check if some of the items on your apartment shopping list can be found there!