Understanding the Rule of Three

The number three is one of the most significant numbers in our lives, and it can have an impact on your future. Whatever kind of energy you put out there, it’s coming back threefold. Better hope it’s positive!

The Number Three

Many numbers have significant meanings in our society. You may not have recognized it, but the number three is one of the most prevalent in all of our lives. Even as a child, the number three is taught to be an important number. Three wishes for a genie, three blind mice, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the three musketeers — and the list goes on.

In Christianity, the number three also has a deep spiritual meaning and is seen throughout the Bible. The Holy Trinity and the three wise men are some of the most prevalent examples.

The number three in numerology is powerful and sacred as it represents the manifestation of life. In simpler terms: man + woman create child = 3.

This number has spiritual and cultural significance around the world, and it may help you manifest your dreams.

Being Mindful of Your Energy

As they say, the third time’s the charm. Utilizing the number three in your life is believed to help you maximize the energy you expel. When mindfully putting energy into something (meditating, self-affirmations, manifesting, etc.) the number three can be used to increase the effectiveness.

Even in advertisements and the marketing industry, the rule of threes is used to maximize success. Things that come in threes are “inherently funnier, more satisfying and more effective than any other number. When used in words, either by speech or text, the reader or audience is more likely to consume the information if it is written in threes.”

So by incorporating this into your own life, you can increase the effectiveness of your own energy. For example, sticking to a three-sentence affirmation every day, such as: “my body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil” or “I am enough; I am worthy of love; I am strong.” Anything like that can be more effective and resonate longer.

Many spiritual people believe this kind of energy also “works in threes” — kind of like karma. Doing a kind gesture for someone makes you feel good and it comes back to you threefold. You might notice that after doing something where you expel a lot of positive energy like that, you experience even more positive energy coming back at you. Doing good makes you feel good. On the flip side, doing something negative to someone is also bound to come back at you threefold.

Of course, this isn’t literal, but it does symbolize the importance of how you treat others and how others receive your energy. Whatever kind of energy you put out there, expect it to come back even stronger.

So basically, always choose kindness. ✌🏼