What's In My Bag: Skin Care Edition

Yes, I really do pack a full-blown skin care routine anytime I leave my house.


For my cleanser, I packed my travel size Blueberry Bounce cleanser by Glow Recipe. Not only was this great to bring because of its size, but I love how soap and foamy this cleanser gets. Especially when I'm traveling and wearing more sunscreen during the summer, I feel like all the bubbles really help detox my skin. I also packed Mario Badescu's Botanical Exfoliating Scrub. I got this as a sample, and I've already purchased a full size. This is the best physical exfoliator I've tried — it's much finer than the infamous apricot scrubs on the market, but it still does an amazing job at getting rid of dead, dull skin.


Wouldn't be a summer skin care routine without sunscreen! I packed this SPF 40 sunscreen by Neora that I got from my boyfriend's mom. It's my absolute favorite at the moment since it's clear and goes on like a primer. It gives me so much hydration without looking greasy or really like there's anything on my face. I find that it works so well even under a full face of makeup.


I've raved about these two serums before, so of course they're coming with me wherever I go! Especially since I tend to break out on vacation with sunburn and sweating in the mix, niacinamide really helps heal my skin and reduce redness. I also recently added a vitamin C suspension by The Ordinary to my routine, but I only use this a few times a week because it's a little potent for my sensitive skin.

Eye Cream

I recently got this little retinol eye cream by Glow Recipe, and I have loved it so far! I've talked before about how my skin goes crazy with retinol, but this cream is much more gentle on me. I can still feel a difference and tell that it's working, but it works gradually so I don't have to worry about all the intense peeling and irritation that can come with prescription retinol.

Lip Care

My Burt's Bees doesn't leave my side. Let me know if you guys believe in the conspiracy that these lip balms actually make your lips more chapped because I seriously don't stop applying chapstick. Anyways, I also brought along my Glossier lip gloss because it is just so hydrating and makes my lips so supple without being gross and sticky like other glosses.


I am so in love with my CBD. I don't take it daily, but when I do need it, it really does make a huge difference. I personally get stressed out easily and have a tendency to overwork myself, so when I need to take a chill pill, this is my best friend. I usually take about 100mg of CBD, which is three droppers. I find that it really helps me calm down, relieve any of my stress or anxiety and it just boosts my mood overall.

Facial Oil

I use some kind of facial oil every day, so I brought along with me my calendula oil. It's a fantastic oil for the summer given its hydration, light-weight feel and natural SPF properties. I use a few drops of this on my skin every morning and at night right after I shower or wash my face to restore my skin's hydration.

Gua Sha

I brought my jade gua sha tool with me because it's such a treat for my skin. I use this along with my oil above in the mornings to give my face a massage. By working this into my skin for a few minutes, it helps to boost collagen, de-puff and give my skin a glowier look to it. I'm usually too lazy to do this every day, but I really do feel like I just got a facial after using this and it's amazing when I do find the time to treat myself.

Face Masks

Face masks are the best treat while traveling. I packed with me two really hydrating masks that just scream summer to me. I apply both of these at night and wear them as overnight masks for extra hydration. The Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask is a cult classic, and it really does make my skin smooth and supple in the morning. The Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask by Glow Recipe not only smells absolutely delicious, it also gives me an amazing glow that I literally get compliments on every time I use this mask.


Okay so not really skin care, but I consider perfume to be a part of my routine. I decided to bring along a sample of Daisy by Marc Jacobs and my travel size Gucci Bloom. Both of these are fresh, floral fragrances that are great for summer.


Speaking of samples, here are some more! Maybe I'm just weird (and cheap), but am I the only one who tends to save their nice samples for ~the perfect occasion~? Like I always feel like it's a waste to use them on a normal day, but again, maybe that's just me. I decided to finally use these Chanel samples and they were AMAZING. Definitely a nice little confidence booster to have some bomb high-end foundations to break out that aren't a regular part of my routine.